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Posts about aircraft maintenance and handling

"By a show of hands, how many people flew here today in an electric aircraft?" asked Brien Seeley, president of the CAFE Foundation, as he welcomed attendees to the third annual Electric Aircraft Symposium last year in San Carlos, California. It was a rhetorical question, of course—no hands went up. He continued, "Well, we're here to change that."

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It was the moment of truth. Michael removed the towel covering the fuel pump, revealing the verdict: 13.2 gallons. That was within a half-gallon of what we'd predicted! Unfortunately, the number we'd actually submitted on our rally form included an additional 10% "fudge factor," a decision that had just come back to bite us. Hard.

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My hands were a mess. They were absolutely covered in grease—but it was clean grease! I was repacking the main-wheel bearings for our club's Bonanza. It was the first day of our annual inspection and we had a good turnout, with about a dozen members in the hangar working under the supervision of our club's mechanic and the airplane's crew chief.

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