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About This Site


My name's Kennan Rossi, and The Confident Pilot is a blog in which I'm exploring what it takes for pilots to keep flying — safely. I hear so many stories from and about pilots who've quit flying for various reasons, including high costs, nervous family members, and crises of confidence. I've also read too many stories about pilots who got cocky or complacent and crashed airplanes, often killing themselves and their passengers in the process. There must be a middle ground, a true confidence that can keep us flying with appropriate knowledge, skill, and wise judgment.

If you're a pilot, have a pilot in your life, or just love aviation, I invite you to read and comment on my posts and share your own stories about events that have boosted or challenged your confidence in the cockpit. I'm working on a related book called The Confident Pilot, so I'll be posting draft excerpts occasionally and asking for your feedback. Supportive comments, critical comments, and everything in between are welcome. I'll be most grateful for your contributions! My main reason for presenting this material in this forum is to learn from you.

For more about this blog, see my welcome post.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Kennan Rossi